By Mike Hill

Understanding a business problem is the first step in finding the right solution.  Solutions sometimes fail because they are solving the wrong problem.

It is important to clarify exactly what we are trying to solve and then architect a creative strategy to solve it.  Here are 6 steps to find the right solution…

  1. Put technology aside and talk to the customer.  Talk and listen to the customer to gain a better understanding of their need(s).  Observe how the customer is currently solving their problems and then build a solution to better serve them based on these observations.
  2. Look at the big picture.  Once we have an understanding of the customer’s pain points, look at the situations as a whole.  Step back and begin formulating a strategy to take care of the issue(s).
  3. How long with this take.   Think about the solution and how long it will take.  Are there stages or milestones we can implement to deliver solutions on a regular schedule?  What pieces will relieve the most pain the customer is experiencing?
  4. The team.   Who on our team is available and who has the expertise to solve the customer’s problem?  Once we know the solution, we can assign the appropriate people to the appropriate tasks.
  5. Improve the solution.  Until the solution is in place, there is really no way to know if it is the right solution.  Changes will need to be implemented to fine tune the solution.
  6. Expectations.  Did the software solution meet or exceed expectations.  If yes, great.  If not, tweaks may be required to ensure the right solution is/was implemented.