By J. E. Henry, CEO IT 4 the Planet –

Let’s face it….IT is here to stay.  Whether you embrace it or it makes you nervous, the use of IT in business is critical to success.  Additionally, having the right systems in place can support growth strategies.  Without the right solutions, growing a business can be complicated, frustrating, difficult and expensive.

Almost all businesses now have some form of IT in place to support daily needs.  Again, not all systems are capable of supporting growth.  Finding great solutions to meet both short term and long-term growth can be challenging.

The challenges in 2018 are many and include:

1.        Defining specifically the business IT needs and what the business can afford.
2.        Matching IT systems, procedures, processes and standards with the goals and objectives of the business.
3.        Implementing processes to ensure the technology being utilized is providing a return on investment (ROI).
4.        When it comes to applications, doing the diligence to determine whether build vs. buy off-the-shelf works best for your needs.
5.        Finding GREAT IT resources,
6.        Making sure IT solutions are relatively easy to use.
7.        Making sure your IT solution provides the tools management needs to make key decisions.
8.        Understanding and responding in a proactive way to Cyber Security issues.
9.        Training and retaining staff.
10.       Using the cloud or hosted solutions vs. on premise infrastructure.
11.       Choosing the right IT partner to support your business or to complement existing internal IT staff.

This is a long list, but it doesn’t include all the challenges.  The bottom line is that every business must find ways to leverage Information Technology to drive business value.  There are great external companies in the space that can provide great solutions and long-term support for your business.

At IT 4 the Planet we pride ourselves in providing great service at reasonable prices.  We offer services ranging from Web Site design and implementation, Managed IT Services, Custom Software Development, IT Consulting and Security Assessments for both data and physical security.  Our team can manage any IT situation whether it’s problem resolution or a new opportunity